Compare Benchmarking Subscription

Your organization can participate in ACMA's Compare Benchmarking by subscription. All of the services at left are included for a single subscription rate; health system discounts are available.

Avoidable Delay Benchmarking

All hospitals have inefficiencies in care delivery that increase patient stays. As case management departments work to manage length of stay (LOS), identifying and reducing avoidable delays is often a valuable method to identify and systematically reduce these inefficiencies and improve LOS.

The challenge: avoidable delay causes are highly varied and widely distributed across the organization. Compare provides an efficient system for staff to define and capture avoidable delays (root cause codes), and then for your organization to be benchmarked against similar organizations nationwide. You will be able to quickly identify areas of strong performance, average performance, and areas of opportunity. In addition, our reports provide the business case for delay improvement, projecting potential saved days and dollars.

Readmissions Benchmarking

Moving the dial on readmissions has stymied many organizations. The causes are multi-faceted, and it is often difficult to identify areas in which to make meaningful change. Compare Benchmarking covers the needed gap in business intelligence by rapidly identifying your organization's strengths and weaknesses in avoiding readmissions. Place your improvement resources where they will make a difference.

Standardized Root Causes & Tools

Does your entire team define an avoidable delay the same way? Do you have an efficient tool for staff to diagnose root causes of readmissions? Standardization of root causes and methods of identification is the foundation of Compare Benchmarking, and allows for valid comparisons. Key tools include:

  1. Avoidable Delay root causes
  2. Readmissions patient interview tool (root cause identification)
  3. Readmissions root causes & suggested interventions

Quarterly Benchmarking Reports

Quarterly benchmarking reports are the keystone deliverable of Compare Benchmarking. These are designed to be presentation ready, and combine graphical comparisons and business-case projections. These reports provide the business intelligence to apply performance improvement with laser-focus, allowing you to identify your best opportunities for improvement - the areas where you benchmark unfavorably to your peer hospitals - and prioritize them by business opportunity. Important data-points provided for each root cause (for both avoidable delays and readmissions) include:

  1. Our team's expert analysis of your strengths, opportunities, and recommendations for improvement
  2. Your facility's performance for the quarter and year-to-date
  3. Benchmark performance for a national peer group of similar-sized hospitals
  4. Observed vs. Expected performance, and O/E Ratio
  5. Observed vs. Expected delay duration (for avoidable delays)
  6. Projected opportunity for improvement in:
  • Saved days and saved dollars of cost (Avoidable Delays)
  • Reduced readmissions (Readmissions)

Monthly Benchmarking Reports

Monthly Snapshot reports provide benchmarking on a monthly basis. Subscribing facilities submit data monthly, and ACMA returns Snapshot reports. These focus on Observed vs. Expected performance, and allow you to manage and monitor trends as they occur.

In addition, Snapshot reports provide a tool for staff and physician accountability by showing which staff are recording delays and those that are not. Physicians are similarly displayed, with a count of their avoidable delays.

Staff Education

Subscription includes access to our educational webinars for staff. These are provided at kick off, as well as at pre-scheduled times each month. There is a competency test to follow, and attendees receive continuing education credit. This ensures staff is competent and are ready to capture this important data effectively.

Leadership Support Services - Education and Consultative

With a Compare subscription you gain access to the knowledge of our team. We provide consultative calls with your leadership to ensure that you are able to use Compare Benchmarking reports effectively, and suggest strategies for improvement.