Compare Benchmarking

Compare is a subscription-based service developed by the American Case Management Association (ACMA) that provides analytics and national benchmarking for avoidable delays and readmissions. This is a comprehensive system that integrates with existing software platforms, standardizes tracking methodology, provides staff education and delivers analytical reports using ACMA's predictive model and data gathered from a national group of similar hospitals. Compare equips case management teams with powerful data to drive change and ultimately improve outcomes.

Compare is a comprehensive system that integrates with existing software platforms, includes standardized root causes and tools, staff education, monthly and quarterly benchmarking reports, expert findings, and business case analysis.

Popular Services

  • Avoidable Delay Benchmarking
  • Employ standardized root causes, staff education and business case projection to analyze, compare and reduce avoidable length of stay delays.

  • Readmissions Benchmarking
  • Utilize powerful performance improvement tools to identify, benchmark and manage readmissions.

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Latest News

Posted: April, 2020
Due to the current pandemic, many Compare-subscribed hospitals have reported a significant increase in discharge delays. In response, ACMA’s Compare system has implemented COVID-specific root cause codes for avoidable delays that subscribing hospitals can use at their discretion. In addition, we’ve increased the frequency of updating our benchmarks since we anticipate that the volume of delays will shift rapidly as various geographic areas manage spikes in the number of COVID cases. To request more information, please email